The Better Council, Better Cleveland Pledge

In 2021, the top issue for council members and candidates alike needs to be rebuilding trust and good governance at City Hall. As the Plain Dealer editorial board has pointed out, the relationship between Clevelanders and our city leadership has broken down. Fixing this problem is not a partisan issue — it's about making sure the building blocks of our democracy are in place so we can tackle the problems our city faces such as public safety, health, and housing.

To begin rebuilding the relationship between residents and City Hall we need to make Council more transparent, accountable, and accessible. That's why I launched my campaign with this pledge.

I welcome any other council candidates or incumbents to join me in making the following commitments:

1. First, we must establish public comment at City Council meetings.

2. Second, we must give Clevelanders input over the budget. In this challenging year where the budget will face strain because of COVID-19, we can start with resident forums for feedback and take the low-cost measure of putting an interactive version of the city budget online like other cities do.

3. Third, we must take City Council to the people. As soon as it is safe, let’s hold council meetings at recreation centers, libraries, and parks. Let’s show the public what council does — and do work worthy of public viewing.

The chambers of Cleveland City Council which take place in a ornate room with dark mahogany wood panelling and desks and red leather chairs all facing a wall that has intricate gold details and a painting above a small wood desk. Several people are seen milling about.

This is the beautiful City Council chamber at Cleveland City Hall. Have you ever gone? Even before COVID-19 took these meetings virtual, not many people saw a reason to attend City Council meetings, as there's little opportunity for public engagement.

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